Dr. Maria Harney

Psychiatrist, Analog Astronaut, Chair of S.T.E.A.M. for Humanity, Speaker, Author

Dr. Harney’s dedication to science and research led her to obtain her M.D. from First Pavlov State Medical University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. As a Psychiatrist, she worked at Psycho-Neurologic Hospital #6, Saint-Petersburg, Russia where she became interested in Neurology, Neuropsychology, and Emergency Medicine. After moving to the United States she used her professional experience and transferable skills to provide emergency medical services.

In 2016 Dr. Harney became an active collaborator with MMAARS, INC., the Commercial Astronautics Training Center, completing five Analog Astronaut missions, and serving on the Advisory board, and the Remote Medical team. In collaboration with MMAARS, INC. Dr. Harney has completed over 10 research projects in the field of space medicine, focusing on teleanestesia and telesurgery, human factors, and the well-being and mental health of astronauts.

During the analog missions, Dr. Harney assists in developing and implementing the triage and search and rescue protocols, trains medical and non-medical crews, and oversees the usage of exponential technologies (VR/AR, 3D printing, drones/robotics, 5G, synthetic biology) in day-to-day analog astronaut crew operations as countermeasures for the psychological and neuro-behavioral issues in analog astronauts deployed to the austere, isolated, confined environments. 

Dr. Harney spoke at over 30 prestigious conferences around the world. She is the founder of S.T.E.A.M. for Humanity Foundation, a non-profit that provides program support in the form of lectures, presentations, and interactive activities in STEAM disciplines.

Some of Dr. Harney's keynotes include:

Analog Astronautics 101: basics

Exponential technologies: a new approach to the mental health of the astronauts

Space medicine: my experience in analog missions and look into the future

The human factor in space exploration

Mental health: 21st century and beyond

Immigration: overcoming cultural stereotypes and identity crisis

Art of War: 10 lessons for leaders and strategists

Cambridge Five: the history of the 20th century through the eyes of the spies

History of the 20th century through the eyes of poets and writers

Don’t worry: everything is out of control

Psychology: Performing under pressure

Motivational speaking: 10 small habits that will change your life

Filmmaking 101: Director’s POV (point of view) - basics and series (go more into detail)

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List of the selected talks

*UPCOMING 05/2023

ISDC 2023: A new space age, Dallas-Frisco, TX

Position: Speaker / Panelist

Subject: Astro-psychiatry, space medicine, and exponential technologies

49th Space congress Space. com Expo, Orlando, FL

Position: Speaker / Panelist

Subject: Astro-psychiatry, space medicine, and exponential technologies


International Humans in Space Summit 2022, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) - Online

Position: Speaker

Subject: Astro-psychiatry: novel solutions for mental health for long duration space exploration


International space university (ISU), Space Studies Program 2022 - Portugal, Online

Position: Mentor / Speaker

Subject: human factors, astro-psychiatry, exponential technologies, ethics, future challenges in long duration space flight, more.


Space Renaissance Art & Science festival - Berlin, Online / Live

Position: Speaker

Subject: Analog Astronauts Training


UK Mars Society convention, “CHASM” conference, Cambridge University, UK

Position: Speaker

Subject: Human Factor (actions, cognition, and emotions) in Long Duration Space flight (profiling and crew compositions).


55-Year Mission tour: Star Trek, Las Vegas, NV

Position: Speaker

Developing psychological and neurobehavioral countermeasures for analog astronauts living in austere, isolated, and confined environments


International Astronautical Congress IAC, online, CA

Position: Speaker / Presenter

Space medicine and biotechnology in analog astronaut settings (austere, isolated, confined environments): training analog astronauts Mars Medic teams in high-fidelity analog missions in Nepal, Himalayas - a case study for future planetary surface expeditions. (International Astronautical Congress 10/2020) 


United Nation Association - USA - Sustainable Development Goals Service Project Pitch - online

Position: Speaker / Presenter

New application for mobile devices to make the education more accessible around the world by matching youth under 18 with the mentors


National space society conference, USC, CA

Position: Speaker 

Developing psychological and neurobehavioral countermeasures  for analog astronauts living in austere, isolated, and confined environments


International Space Development Conference, ISDC, Washington, D.C.

Position: Speaker

Subject: Space Medicine and Exponential Technologies


Digital Hollywood, Santa-Monica, CA

Position: Panelist / Speaker

Subject: Integration of exponential technologies (AR/VR, Machine learning, Bioengineering) in developing new paradigm of space medicine and disaster medical challenge


City of STEM, Downey, CA

Position: Panelist / Speaker

Subject: LA Innovations conference / panel


NASA App challenge competition, Pasadena, CA

Position: Judge / Presenter

Subject: NASA Hackathon


Mars Society convention, CA

Position: Speaker

Subject: Life Support and Biomedical Factors / Human Factors and Crew Composition




"I would like to express my compliments for the work that you do. It's the third time I see your presentations, and they are always professional, engaging, and visually appealing."

Tamara P.


"I attended ISDC conference, and I want to thank you for enlarging my knowledge on space exploration and space medicine. I was instantly interested, entertained, and learned new facts about human factor and space exploration! You are talented, knowledgable, and insightful!

John H.




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